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Some bands have asked me, “how do I make a PR kit that is useful for bloggers?” This is such a great question!

What music bloggers want:

I helped Black Satori create this press kit for contacting bloggers. The most important thing is to link the PR kit to a downloadable source like Dropbox and Google Drive. This should include the album audio (.MP3 and / or .WAV), album art and band pics (PNG or JPEG) and a page which describes the band and gives some info for the blogger to either copy paste or the extrapolate from.

A short email with general links to hear the music online at youtube, soundcloud and / or bandcamp and a brief description of your music along with downloadable links.

Label your files clearly and have a friend download the PR kit and test the files and links. It’s so common for me to get files and PR kits that don’t work, are miss linked or are labeled in code and I lose them.

The examples below are awesome. *Note I have the download links removed because you should buy Black Satori’s music at


Thank you! : )