Allah Las LAHS

9 / 10 Technicolor retro California surf – rock with pop appeal! : )



Allah Las LAHS

Allah Las LAHS is a sun bleached postcard with classic retro tones, satisfying layered arrangements, catchy vocals and dreamy ocean waves of sunshine daydreams. Filled with songwriting talent on full display with pop songs, and soundtrack pieces and influences from every era of surfy laid-back rock. The music creates a visual experience of palms blowing in the sunny beaches.

“In the Air” is the first single an upbeat song with a catchy verse and chorus. This quick pop tune has a reverse sounding arrangement at the end that is so The Beatles.

“The strangers stop and stare at the unfamiliar the images that can’t compare to the real thing in the air… Open Your eyes and use that spark.”

The second single is “Polar Onion” with a strong acoustic guitar part backing organs and wonderful backing vocals and catchy hooks. The lyrics are contemplative, melancholic and tell of the challenges living life on the road; Miles Micaud takes the lead on this one.

“laid like an onion; cut core to core; laid for the vultures; out in the cold.. Stuck in a cycle foreign to most acidic environment sicken the host”

The tones on the album are vintage; guitars, vocals, keys and slide are classic. The music seems to be making references to older songs but I can never figure out what, who or why it all sounds so familiar, so classic. Allah-Las is the new California sound with retro vibes, laid back attitudes, multi-lingual vocals, 1960’s vocal harmonies and weird catchy songs.

Allah-Las History

Allah Las formed in 2008 and has since toured the world over and won over fans everywhere they have played their songs. Allah-Las first album was self-titled released in 2012. Many of these songs are their most popular and are still in rotation at the live sets. The follow-up Worship the Sun in 2014 has pastoral sufy songs and several singles.

Allah-Las ‘Calico Review’ released in 2016; this album introduced outside collaborators and more time to compose in the recording studio. They introduced organ, mellotron, slide guitars. A few band members took the time to learn keys especially Pedrum Siadatian who used his new keyboard skills on his side project PAINT. The tour for Calico Review saw another member added the the live line to cover the keys, organs, shakers, backing vocals ect.

They created a cover album, Covers #1 in 2017, a EP which was really good and includes a George Harrison “Fish On The Sand” cover which is brilliant. They also contributed music to a film soundtrack Self Discovery For Social Survival earlier this year.

LAHS is another evolution in the bands sound they are a diverse group of songwriters with Matthew Correia, Miles Micaud, Pedrum Siadatian and Spenser Dunham all making songwriting contributions over the various albums.

Jarvis Taveniere is the producer on the project he is a member of the incredible indie- folk- rock band Woods and talented musician and recording engineer and producer working with Surf Curse, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Purple Mountain (RIP), Woods, and more.

Allah Las LAHS

Great album got to check it! : )

Allah Las – LAHS

Allah-Las ‘Calico Review’


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