The Sciences


What is Stoner Rocker? Sleep is stoner rock and this album is the best out there. End of review. Pick up a copy.

How does one identify stoner rock?
1. Heavy riffage, half time tempos, lyrics and themes about marijuana, and heady warm fuzz.
2. Lyrics such as: “Marijuana is his light and his salvation…Ascend to the shanty with the smoke filled lung. Bless the indica field. Grateful for the yield.”
3. Cannabis flower buds are featured on nearly every surface of this album.

4. It has been rumored that each side is dedicated to different strain of Marijuana. Each side of the LP contains Morris Code which reads: Side A: Purple Kush; Side B: Skywalker OG; Side C: CW Piss Romulan; Side D: Super Lemon Haze. It is unclear if these are instructions for listening, a source of inspiration, or a dedication.
5. The album was released on 4/20/18 a celebratory holiday for marijuana in the USA. This is the day that all of Colorado smells like weed. Music heads became marijuanauts with Sleep chanting them into the hashteroid fields.

Sleep is a stoner rock pioneer releasing the ground breaking album Volume One in 1991 marking the dawn of sludgy stoner rock. In all fairness Black Sabbath did it first but Sleep developed their own magical formulation for trance inducing stoner drone with dank heady FUZZZZZZZ……

‘The Science’ is the first Official Sleep release since ‘DopeSmoker’ in 2003, 15 years ago. This album does not disappoint and serves up a million tons of hard hitting Stoner rock rhythms with deep full guitar and bass tones. With this line-up of established musicians it could not go wrong. Sleep started as a San Francisco start-up and is now considered a super group featuring Al Cisneros of OM on “four string electric Bass, Vocals, Water pipe”; Jason Roeder of neurosis on Drums, and Matt Pike from High On Fire on guitar.

‘The Sciences’ is released and pressed through Third Man Records run by Jack White with three vinyl options. The deluxe issue was released to select record stores on 4/20/18 and has alternate cover art and green and black vinyl. The limited edition vinyl is dark green transparent vinyl and they also offer the standard issue black vinyl. This record costs more then a bag of weed so be ready for that. The recording and sound quality of the vinyl are superb. Stunning articulate detailed fuzz ringing with depth and clarity is magnificent.

This album would not be the same without a high quality audio source buy the vinyl and get lit.

Sleep the sceinces back cover

Sleep the sceinces lmt vinyl

By Temple Rose