OSees The 12″ Synth

8/10 Unexpected Ambient synth and organ music


Osees The 12″ Synth is the first all synth album from OSees (Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees, OSC, John Dywer). It slowly bubbles and builds improvisational across two sides of this 12″ LP. Castleface Records describes it best:

“The pilot took a tab of acid in the control room and reclined back in his chair, mouth open

It was his birthday

A fly buzzed through….zzzz….


It was twilight April 20th on the nut farm

and we had one reel of tape left

The rhythm section was in stasis

As was the still & purple desert night


The door open a crack, a slice, a breach, a fissure 

Unmasking a landscape of dust

Mr. Elevator and I set up a cockpit with synthesizers and keyboards galore and fried out two improvised long jam sandwiches

They are here on gluten-free wax for your holiday pleasure”

There you have it, John Dwyer‘s Birthday, LSD, late night recording session of overdubs becomes a 40 minutes space out jam on keys and synth with Tomas Dolas aka Mr. Elevator.

The tone is ambient with subtle sounds, hums, buzzes the occasional ARP. The music drifts into space.

Overall, The 12″ Synth is an interesting concept album and I actually think it’s awesome because it challenges our expectations as listeners and I am currently into the first albums of Tangerine Dream! The sounds are well mixed and mastered and very pleasing to listen to. The songs  move forward with a improvisational stride saying decidedly ambient throughout.

OSees The 12″ Synth

Osees – The 12" Synth