Anunnaki Immanentize The Eschaton

7.8 /10 Beautiful echoing guitars and spaced-out modular synth collide with stoner doom.

Anunnaki Immanentize the Eschaton

Anunnaki Immanentize The Eschaton is spaced-out instrumental rock with blazing filtered guitar tones and echoing synth  and songs that slowly builds and decays over the course of the album.

Like a psychedelic trip it starts with an unease foreboding section  until the world melts around you at the peak about 10 – 30 minutes into the trip then lays you out for out-of-body travels with glittering ambience and unusual tones until another overwhelming wave of doom crashes into the auditory awareness.

The listener is propelled in to space by “Procession” lost in the universe at the helm of a spaceship with alien controls. This extended journey travels through both the vastness of the cosmic womb and the incredible destructive and disorienting nature of the universe.

The music builds and unwinds slowly methodically and beautifully. The transitions are smooth as ice until full doom-stoner-metal kicks in halfway through “Demiure” with fuzz bass and screaming guitar wah. The hard hitting psych-doom vibe is gritty and brings in the stoner rock blended with comic dread; think of stoner rock legends Sleep mixed with Electric Moon!

The album spindles out to conclusion with noise droning and whirling. The sound of a frayed mind burnt and wandering through the mind debris of another realm.

Anunnaki Immanentize The Eschaton is a very good album with lots of dense beautiful tones as well as wild fuzz and cosmic noise. The synth is wonderful whirling away taking the music into synthesis. The subtle shifts in modulation, noise, reverb, echo and filter tones are subtle and expansive. The two players work off each other in a seamless way. the tones are great the recording and production is all wonderful. It’s an awesome album.

Anunnaki is:
Arlen Thompson (Wolf Parade) : Drums, microbrute, modular synthesizer
Dave Read (Moths & Locusts) : Ibanez doubleneck bass 4/guitar 6, effects

By: Temple Rose

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