Psychic Lemon  Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay



Psychic Lemon of Cambridge released Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay in 2019 on Tonzonen Records gracing many best of 2018 lists. They play high energy contemporary psychedelic rock music with echoing vocals and free experimentalism. The guitars are coated in delay, frequency and distortion to the max for edgy sizzling tones.

Psychic Lemon is willing to stretch their compositions to cater to improvisational tendancies. The guitars use the vibrato bar to full effect giving many rhythm parts an off center feel. Vocals are minimal letting the guitars take center stage. This music would be of interest to people who enjoy Thee Oh Sees, Electric Moon, Cult Of Lip, Slift.

Psychic Lemon‘s latest release pushes the boundaries of rock over the cliff for the experimental avant-garde to dominate the album, however, it is all built on a structured rhythm of syncopated guitars and steady drum and bass. The album captures all the energy and excitement of Psychic Lemon‘s live performances. They expand upon their core sound with added instruments such as saxophone to drive the intensity. Overall, the album plays as a complete work rather than individual songs. The sound is consistent and interesting throughout at times brushing up against noise rock. Crazy cool album!

Psychic Lemon  Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay