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King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard USA Tour

2018 is sure to be a mighty beast of musical delight for King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. Their live performances are outstanding and not to be underestimated.

Earthless, Kikagaku Moyo, JJUUJJUU 2018 March US Tour W/ Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show

Earthless, Kikagaku Moyo, JJUUJJUU 2018 March US Tour W/ Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show

Psychotic Reaction Dying On The Vine (Single)

Psychotic Reaction is in-your-face punk rock at ear melting volumes!!!

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. North American tour 2018 “Electric Dream Ecstasy Tour in US & Canada”

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. North American tour 2018 “Electric Dream Ecstasy Tour in US & Canada” Acid Mothers Temples & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O are back in North America with a 40 date tour including a... Continue Reading →

The Black Angels & Black Lips Birds & Bees Tour

The Black Angels and Black Lips have anounced a US Tour called The Birds & Bees Tour. It will run from March through April spanning the entire USA.  The Black Angels put on one of the best live performances out... Continue Reading →

Narco States – Temples Into Tombs

Narco States Temples Into Tombs Narco States Temples Into Tombs from Pinata Records! is for hip-shakers and narcotic troublemakers. Garage rock sublime with 60’s style organs, ripping guitar lines, and a raucous frontman, Michael Meyer. The blend of punk and... Continue Reading →

M. Martin – A Harvest of Ice

The listener is taken on a journey from dark-psych to indie-folk-drone. M. Martin’s voice is present throughout with clear intent exploring indie melodies and phrasing to disinterested vocals with punk attitude.

L.A. Witch

L.A. Witch L.A. Witch has released their first full length LP and it does not disappoint. The vintage desert-surf rock vibe is laced with reverberation and sassy attitude. The album opens with Kill My Baby Tonight, lets the world know... Continue Reading →

BIRDS – Everything All At Once

filled with indie/alternative rock with catchy hooks and psychedelic sensibilities. It has a timeless feel drawing inspiration from every decade of rock music. Featuring fuzzy riffs, 90’s rock, 80’s choruses, memorable pop appeal, and moments of psychedelic jamming.  

Vibravoid Triptamine E.P. Vol. 5

Vibravoid Triptamine E.P. Vol. 5 Light up a stick of incense and start soaking in the vibravoidal sounds. This is the essence of classic psychedelic rock with trippy guitar solos, vintage tones, improvisation and transcendent songs. The music is inspired... Continue Reading →

The Electric Family Terra Circus

"In this genre, The Electric Family is in league with the legendary innovators that defined this undefinable style of music. The recording process and the compositions foster spontaneity.The music takes the listener through unforeseen twists and turns. There is an excitement and inspired a feeling of ‘in-the-moment’ creativity."

Driftwood Pyre Strangeways EP

"Packed with catchy songs, rocking guitars and psychedelic vibrations. It has high quality production for a clear, rich and balanced sound that begs to be blasted at high volume."

Vibravoid A Night At The Museum

"Vibravoid is a psychedelic rock band with kaleidoscopic liquid light oozing from their entire being. The music is a projector transmitting waves of transcendent experience into the mind of the listener pushing them out of their head into far-out vistas. Vibravoid is classic psychedelic music"

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