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Black Satori Lucy Lane

Black Satori Lucy Lane 9/10 Psychedelic garage rock bliss Black Satori Lucy Lane is a ripping psychedelic garage rock album with blissful fuzz tones and multi-dimensional improvisational space rock. Black Satori is futurist garage rock taking classic retro sounds and... Continue Reading →

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10,000 Russos Kompromat

10,000 Russos Kompromat 8/ 10 Gothic Electro psych rock its pretty sick! 10,000 Russos Kompromat is uncompromising heavy psychedelic rock with an electronic heart. The music intense, dark and addictive.  The unsettling sound features ominous droning electronics, precise mechanical rhythms... Continue Reading →

Centrum För Meditation

Centrum För Meditation   8 /10 Awesome meditative psych rock. Centrum För Meditation is a great droning space rock album with psychedelic flair. The music is transcendent allowing for pastoral listening that slowly bubbles up with psychedelic guitars and world... Continue Reading →

Follakzoid I

Follakzoid I 7.5 / 10 Unique blend of electronic, krautrock and space rock from an increasingly interesting Chilean band. Follakzoid I is their 4th album and it goes deeper into space then ever before. The nearly ambient soundscapes generate tension... Continue Reading →

OM BBC Radio I

OM BBC Radio I 8/10 OM live laying down mystical chill stoner rock grooves with a world wide influences OM BBC Radio I is a live album recorded in May of 2019. They play songs from Advaitic Songs and God... Continue Reading →

Movie Club Moonbow single

Movie Club has released the new music video for "Moonbow" the first single from the Man O' War EP coming in March! Movie Club of Venice Beach California USA is an instrumental band with fuzzy guitars screaming wah tones and... Continue Reading →

Floral Fauna Pink & Blue

Floral Fauna Pink & Blue 7.8 / 10 Dreamy garage rock album with layers of psychedelic flourishes Floral Fauna Pink & Blue is contemporary indie garage dream rock with glowing keyboards, swirling effects and glossy production. The music sounds very... Continue Reading →

Ecstatic Vision For The Masses

Ecstatic Vision For The Masses 7 / 10 Heavy trance inducing rock that is an evolution of the 1970's Space rock scene. Ecstatic Vision For The Masses is a trip through space with 1970's space rock influences that tip the... Continue Reading →

Best Of 2019 Psychedelic Experimental Folk:

Best Of 2019 Psychedelic Experimental Folk Best of 2019 Psychedelic and experimental folk music. Below are amazing albums with all manner of folk inspired music that for some reason feels very psychedelic retro or futurists. This is music that doesn't... Continue Reading →

Los Tabanos Experience Rise Of The Melted Eagle

Los Tabanos Experience Rise Of The Melted Eagle 7.75 / 10 Space Rock and Heavy Psych Rock collide in this collective Chilean space journey. Los Tabanos Experience Rise Of The Melted Eagle is a heavy psych rock album with krautrock,... Continue Reading →

Best of 2019 Heavy Psychedelic Rock

Best of 2019 Heavy Psychedelic Rock   1. Hibushibire Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out! (Japan, Riot Season Records) Hibushibire Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out! “Holy shit this album kicks ass!” flying at 150 mph hour down the psychedelic... Continue Reading →

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Live In Paris ’19

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Live In Paris '19 9.8 / 10 King Gizzard is one of the best live bands in history and I love live albums! King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Live In Paris '19 is... Continue Reading →

Possum Space Grade Assembly

Possum Space Grade Assembly 7 / 10 Space Fuzz garage rock in the gloriously creative formative stages. Possum Space Grade Assembly is spaced out fuzz rock from Toronto Canada. They blast off with wild guitar tones stoner rock swagger and... Continue Reading →

Zone Six Kozmik Koon

Zone Six Kozmik Koon 9.5 / 10 Space Rock at its finest! Zone Six Kozmik Koon is a deep space odyssey with ambient glitter and drudgy stoner space rock. The sound is beautiful to listen to the balance of synth... Continue Reading →

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