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Slift La Planete Inexploree

Slift La Planete Inexploree Slift of Toulouse France new album La Planete Inexploree from Howlin' Banana Records and Exag Records is a wild ride filled with edgy psychedelic rock and kraut minded garage rock. The songs from this three piece... Continue Reading →

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O Electric Dream Ecstasy

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O Electric Dream Ecstasy 8/10 Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O of Japan released 9 full length albums in 2018!! Electric Dream Ecstasy is the new interpretation of the classic AMT... Continue Reading →

Vibravoid Politics Of Ecstacy (Reissue)

Vibravoid Politics of Ecstacy (2018 Reissue) 9.5 / 10 Vibravoid is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Politics Of Ecstacy with a deluxe reissue LP; one version contains a lava lamp! Vibravoid has a 1960's garage rock sound with early Pink... Continue Reading →

The Grand Acid

The Grand Acid 7/10 The Grand Acid of Berlin Germany have released their first full length LP. It is filled with American styled hard blues, stoner rock, and classic rock riffs and vocals. The male tenor vocals are clear and... Continue Reading →

Liminanas Shadow People

Liminanas Shadow People 7.8/ 10 Liminanas Shadow People Liminanas released Shadow People an excellent new Full Length from Lionel and Marie Liminana from Southern France on the label Because Music. This band has motorik rhythms and garage rock inspire psychedelic... Continue Reading →

L.A. Witch Octubre

L.A. Witch Octubre L.A. Witch Octubre 8 Out of 10 L.A. Witch came creeping with a surprise Halloween EP titled Octubre from Suicide Squeeze Records. L.A. Witch has serious style with their punk-goth-desert rock vibe. The guitars are vintaged with... Continue Reading →

Go For Retro Eclipses

Go For Retro is an exciting band with raw energy which builds and releases dynamically without losing tension between instruments.  Vocals are dynamic, melodic and reverberating often building up until an aggressive energized shout. The music is rock all the way with psych effects like reverb, echo, tremolo and wha. The dual guitars take center stage with one laced in effects and the other spitting out rhythmic chords.

Heaters Suspended Youth

The Heaters dive into shoegaze rock with plenty of trendy synth. Suspended Youth fits the latest trends in the psych / contemporary shoegaze with spacious arrangements, rich guitar swells, ambient echoes, and steady rhythmic drum and bass cementing a danceable groove. The music swirls into the atmosphere making crystalline sonic clouds. It sounds like The Heaters have grown into a sound which is comfortable and creatively unique, they found their home base.

Stonefield Far From Earth

Far From Earth has fuzzed out instruments, synthesized organs and hard hitting rhythm with soaring pop style vocals. The music is dynamic, quieting down to make space for the vocals and to draw rhythmic intrigue then building up for good measure. The music stands in the territory between hard rock, dance, desert rock, and psychedelic rock placing it in position to reach a broad fan base.

Dead Meadow The Nothing They Need

Dead Meadow is one of the premier stoner rock and psychedelic rock bands in the world. The album as a whole is very strong, highly creative, well-recorded and produced, with a number of very exciting climatic moments.


This album is filled with psyched out vintage tones and shoegaze ambience. The music echoes and reverberates spaciously, at times droning off into soundscapes. It spaces out as much as it rocks pushing the amps to break-up.

Vibravoid Live At Rheinkaut Festival Dusseldorf 2018

...With epic psychedelic performances the likes of which are not to be found anywhere on the planet or in history. Vibravoid are the masters of vintage themed psychedelia. They are so good at recreating the collective fantasy of what early psychedelic music was that Vibravoid themselves have become the official reference. 

Black Satori Listless EP

Black Satori plays a mix of garage rock, doom, surf and experimental psychedelic rock. The songs are great, vocals and guitars are enjoyable throughout. The overall direction of the band is a creative psychedelic brew that does not imitate defined musical genres or other bands; they have their own sound.

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