Electric Moon Cellular Overdose

9.5 / 10 Live Heavy Psychedelic Space Rock Classic

Electric Moon

Electric Moon Cellular Overdose is a live album from 2012 and is everything anyone could want from this incredible band. The songs build slowly starting soft slow and steadily building intensity and drive. Electric Moon gets experimental and explores far-out tones with gloriously brutal filter sweeps, ringmods, futuristic wah-wah tones and echo and reverb that stretch time and space. The album goes from astral heights with clear echoing tones to cosmic doom with psychedelic flourishes that will blow your mind.

Electric Moon features space rock and krautrock artists Sula Bassana on guitar and keys, and Komet Lulu on bass. These two are a contemporary psychedelic rock powerhouse. Sulatron Records is run by Sula Bassana and offers a ton of awesome music beyond Electric Moon’s legendary albums.

Electric Moon

This year Electric Moon has reissued a few of their early albums and all are selling out. Lunatics and Lunatics revenge, Inferno and Cellular Overdose.

Electric Moon Cellular Overdose; this live performance is well recorded with little audience noise and sounds amazing! Truly a classic live album in the Electric Moon catalogue.




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