The Wires Live At Rockerill

7/10 New Underground Psychedelic Garage Rock


The Wires Live At Rockerill is live psychedelic rock in the vein of Oh Sees and Night Beats. The guitars are rocking, bass is energized and the the drums keep a steady drive forward. The music is always exciting with hard and fast riffing. The guitar tones are awesome throughout the album with a John Dwyer meets Dick Dale meets Danny Lee Blackwell tone; Reverb splashing slap back echo with plenty of wild fuzz.

The band is based in Cherleroi, Belgium and is stepping out with their original music in the psychedelic garage rock genre. This is the first self-released effort from this band released August 8th 2019 on Bandcamp.


The Wires are a conglomeration of influences including the most exciting underground psychedelic rockers on Earth today. The music aligns itself closely to the templates created by these bands.

The Wires uses synth, organ, guitars, bass, drums and vocals achieving a sound which is modern and retro. The wailing guitar solos are ripping with balance fuzz tones and springy slap backs. The vocals have plenty of reverb and echo with rock attitude. The guitar and the drums play off each other and make for an edgy live performance.


The album is a live recording and the band performs brilliantly and the recording quality is pretty good kinda harsh with computer speakers but those computer speakers are shit.

Overall, The Wires are a pretty cool band that is just getting started with this live release.  A number of these songs would sound amazing as refined studio recordings with a few overdubs it could really go a long way.

Definitely check it out, I know I am going to stay tuned for what this group does next!



Blog by: Temple Rose
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