8 / 10 Future underground classic spacerock saga.


Comacozer Mydriasis is a heavy psych instrumental space rock band from Sydney, Australia. The fuzzed out guitar blasts off with cathartic guitar solos, the synth transmits frequencies from deep space, and the rhythm section holds it down. The music is psychedelic rock with long jamming tracks that build slowly to full blown out hard rock solos.

Comacozer Mydriasis released on July 27th 2019 on Headspin Records in Sydney, Australia. 

Kykeon Journey” is the epic 20 minute jam that completes the album. This is a long form journey which starts mellow and ambient until it grows into a space monster. This group doesn’t go into dark doom like some but they get into melodic walls of fuzz and scaled guitar solos.


Comacozer is an instrumental 4 piece band from Sydney Australia with dark spacerock jams. Their first album was released in 2015 and the second LP Mydriasis in 2019. The band has added a 4th member on synthesizer adding extended range to their far-out compositions.

For some historical context, Comacoza fits neatly into the emerging international spacerock scene. The foundations for this music were built on early German Krautrock and the improvisational music which emerged from the LSD revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. Bands who created this scene include CAN, Ash Ra Tempel, and Tangerine Dream.

New bands came and integrated in the heavy psychedelic rock sounds of Black Sabbath into a stoner rock genre featuring bands like Sleep, Sun Dial in the 1990s.

Since the 2000’s the Krautrock and spacerock and broken off from progressive rock and began emerging in the stoner, doom, psychedelic rock and garage rock genres. This movements leads us to the flourishing of the heavy psychedelic space rock genre heard today with bands like Acid Mothers Temple, Vibravoid, Electric Moon, Comets On Fire, Acid Rooster, Dreamtime, Anunnaki, The Cosmic Dead, Kikagaku Moyo, Comacoza and many more.


Comacoza makes it clear they are inspired by psychedelic culture and themes. the album title Mydriasis is a medical term for the dilation of pupils a common side effect of taking an active dose of psychedelics. “Tryptamine” is the chemical classification of the majority of psychedelic compounds for example Psilocybin, LSD, Mescaline, DMT are all powerful psychedelic tryptamines. “Kykeon Journey” kykeon is an ancient Greek drink of unknown composition that caused intoxication. It is known to contain alcohol but many believe some formulas included psychedelic mushrooms.

Comacoza is awesome psychedelic rock that is not to be missed. Take a journey turn on to Comacoza and get mydriasis with wonder.






Blog by: Temple Rose

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