Vibravoid Live At Rheinkraut Festival Dusseldorf 2018

10 out of 10 

Vibravoid released their finest live recording to-date Live At Rheinkraut Festival Dusseldorf 2018. With a total run time of 2 hours this album has only two songs each 1 hour in length. Both tracks are epic psychedelic performances the likes of which are not to be found anywhere on the planet or in history. Vibravoid are the masters of vintage themed psychedelia. They are so good at recreating the collective fantasy of what early psychedelic music was that Vibravoid themselves have become the official reference. 

Vibravoid Live at Rheinkraut Festival

‘Your Mind Is At Ease’ starts out with spacey vocals and launches off into 45 minutes of improvisational guitar, bass, drum, tampura, sitar and tape echo. The album features the great bass playing of UFO Walter, who brings these songs to another dimension. The song moves into exotic instrumentation with the sitar and tampura laying the cosmic tone then builds tension with repeating echoed guitar notes. The music comes collapsing into an acid splashed palette of experimental space rock. This band seems to have a psychic sense of what will sound amazing and when to transition to the next phrase, truly astounding. 

Vibravoid has been changing lives with their incredible music since the 1990s, about 30 years. Their music has never been better than it is today! They have released several live albums which capture their unique live performances but Live At Rheinkraut Festival Dusseldorf 2018 is an ideal place to start. 

Vibravoid Live At Rheinkraut Festival Dusseldorf 2018 receives 10 out of 10. The guitar is perfect and definitive for the psychedelic genre. The music seamlessly surfs through space rock, psychedelic 60’s and krautrock manifesting in the most interesting long-form improvised rock in the world. The rhythm section executes beautifully keeping continuous interest and never slipping on the reverberating space echos which twist and melt the most discerning minds.  The expansive length allows the music to be authentic taking the listener down the rabbit hole of dosed out LSD sonic adventure. There is no way to know if Vibravoid was tripping or not but the consciousness was out of this world high in Dusseldorf 2018. The sound quality is premium HiFi much clearer than 99% of live recordings and performed to near perfection. It’s a 10!!!

Vibravoid Live At Rheinkraut Festival Dusseldorf 2018

Your Mind Is At Ease 45:54

Ballspeaker 1:10:35



Article By: Temple Rose