Casino Cotton The Reflection

7.8 / 10 Acid Folk dreams

Casino Cotton The Reflection with Acid Mothers Temple is acid folk and rock with Casino Cotton‘s mystifying voice. Acid Mothers Temple Members present on the album lay down lysergic vibes to the astral folk of Casino Cotton and AMT get a bit experimental.

Casino Cotton The Reflection was released January 24th 2020 on Bam Balam Records France.

Cotton has appeared on many Acid Mothers Temple albums throughout their long career and also been a member of Acid Mother Temple. She and Kawabata Makoto, the leader of Acid Mother Temple have collaborated on several side projects and solo projects as well. They collaborate perfectly together and draw from the past past making new renditions of previously recorded songs like “La Novia”

Overall, the album is a cosmic psychedelic ride with entrancing vocals and unique instrumentation. Acid folk finds its definition in this rendition of “La Novia” my favorite track on the album.

Side A
01 : La Novia (6:34)
02 : The Dreamer (6:09)
03 : Takeda (7:01)

Side B
01 : Sakura (3:58)
02 : Silent Blue (2:59)
03 : China Syndrome (5:00)
04 : In A Darkness (3:00)
05 : The Reflection (5:02)