White Manna Ape On Sunday

8.5/10 Space Journey**

White Manna Ape On Sunday is the 6th full length from this Artaca, California band. The album is on Cardinal Fuzz Records June 28th on vinyl with full color insert and downloads. The music has long form compositions with reverb, fuzz, echo, rhthem, guitar and synth. They dive into deep space with kosmische and krautrock inspirations.

Ape on Sunday begins with euro-rock styled psych with driving bass and rocking guitar. It has a dark sound with grit and distortion. As the album progresses the music stretches over the cosmic swirling underbelly of time as the synth drones. The guitars play intuitively with repeating notes and arpeggiated phrases expressed to  add textures which contrast the warm smooth synth.

White Manna Ape On Sunday has the vibe of 1970’s experiemental krautrock and kosmishe. The music is ‘of the moment’ in true 1960’s psychedelic style. the album is one long song in my opinion with each track merging and leading into the next.  Interestingly, the album was not recorded all at one time and drums and bass were recorded first with gaps of time between recording sessions. White Manna Ape On Sunday

White Manna Ape On Sunday follows the classic formula of psychedelic improvisational bands from the early 1970’s with a raw gritty tone and sparkling futuristic synth. Much like Ash Ra Tempel’s album Join Inn with Klaus Schulze on synth the album starts as a rock album and ends in outter space floating in ambience.



BY Temple Rose

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