Pottery No. 1

8.5 / 10 Post-Punk retro weirdo rock with discordant pop songs, it’s awesome!

Photo Luke Orlando

Pottery‘s debut album No. 1 is exciting upbeat post-punk-retro-rock with discordant pop songs bursting with creativity. The upbeat rock brings to mind artist like David Bowie, Devo with a hint of West Coast USA rock like Wand, and Ty Segal.  They have pocketed rhythm, that quickly bounces along never losing direction or energy despite the many unexpected turns in these songs. Pottery takes the pop oriented songs into interesting and stimulating melodic and rhythmic territory.

The first single on the album is “Craft” Alternative garage rock with a punk rock verse chorus with edgy vocals and 1960’s style organ addictively arranged. The song slides into harmonized singing “la la la” with chill shoegaze jams with spacey echo and whirling fade outs.

Pottery is a 5 piece band from Montreal Canada currently blazing across the USA for a full tour in support of post-punk label mates Viagra Boys and Fontaines D.C. Released on Partisan Records and Royal Mountain Records on Vinyl, CD and DL May 10 2019.

I was lucky enough to see then at the sold out gig at the Independent in San Francisco, thanks for putting me on the guest list, guys! Their live set is fun the audience was dancing and getting into the incredible performance.  I also learned that a member of this band has a Devo tattoo…

Photo Luke Orlando

Pottery‘s music is bursting with creative input and the short songs include an abundance of ideas and influences expertly arranged. I was excited by how short the album is and how much musical content is in each song, I love the way they mix it all together and let their ideas shine.

“Lifeline Costume” is the long jam on the album and it’s great! They have a psychedelic vibe that comes through with repeated echos and unique progressions through hazy hash filled air. The song abruptly ends just as it was moving into some spacerock / krautrock tones. I think they should have jammed out for awhile longer going far-out into some more experimental rock. : )

The recording sounds great well performed, mixed and mastered, for my money the vinyl mix sounds the best. Pottery reminds me of my favorite 1970’s Bowie moments with a contemporary dance-punk vibe and creative approach that is very contemporary. They get into interesting jams and unpredictable twist and turns. The songs hold tight upbeat rhythms and progress onward with craft and a raw edge; it’s indie friendly rock with ornamentation of experiential and psychedelic echos. The vocals are continuously strong and interesting throughout. Pottery rocks check it out, oh!

Pottery No. 1






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