Electric Moon Lunatics & Lunatics Revenge

8.5 /10 Classic Space Rock!

Electric Moon

Electric Moon is one of the most influential underground psychedelic spacerock bands  performing today. The reissue of their first two albums as one 2LP is sickly awesome! Lunatics and Lunatics Revenge were originally recorded together and intended to be one album, however, in the end it was released as two separate albums.

Electric Moon features space rock and krautrock artists Sula Bassana on guitar and keys, and Komet Lulu on bass. These two are a contemporary psychedelic rock powerhouse. Sulatron Records is run by Sula Bassana and offers a ton of awesome music beyond Electric Moon’s legendary albums.

Lunatics has Electric Moon at their inspired beginnings released originally in 2010. Lunatics has their signature sound and average song length of 10 – 20 minutes already developed from album #1. The guitar conducts the drive and blows up with fuzz and radical filter sweeps to scream into the cosmos. The bass is driven repetitive just as one would love to hear in a space rock jam. The drums are steady and tight. They have their standard echoing vocals that are not singing as much as another wispy instrument building the super cool sonic texture of the compositions.

Lunatics Revenge originally released in 2011 a years after Lunatics was another underground success, meaning that they inspired a ton of folks and sold out of about 1000 copies 2 multicolored runs of 500 vinyl and toured. This second album has the addition of stronger organs and synth sounds and the guitars have more sparkle and smoother overall tone and performance. The organs are super cool adding that vintage vibe and warping the mind as it harmonizes with the effected guitars for more expansive sonic space.

Electric Moon is best known as a live band and the majority of its releases are live audience performances recorded in real time. They specialize in taking their song structures and reinventing them through improvisation and a ever evolving concept of the composition. This interactive improvisation is the heart of their sound and is on full display in these early albums. The early recordings are not as high quality in overall sound quality compared to later albums like Stardust Rituals but it sound pretty good and the songs are kick ass; I recommend crank that volume up to the sky and get high!!

Electric Moon Lunatics & Lunatics Revenge are / is awesome and is a space rock classic! I recommend crank that volume up to the sky and get high!!


Electric Moon is:

Sula Bassana on guitars, sitar and keyboards

Marcus Schnitzleron drums

Komet Lulu on bass and vocals




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