Calico Parachute Days @ Love Field August 3rd 2019

The first annual event presented by Folk Yeah! @ Love Field in Point Reyes Station, California, USA.  A beautiful location near the ocean, national redwood forests and the golden hills of California wine country.  The concert area is in a feild but with a beautiful shade structure and stage made of reclaimed wood. The central parachute canopy has a celestial semi-opaqueness and silver sparkle. There are 9 two sided pyramids used for vendors and lounging. The food was wood fired pizza, beer, as well as festival merch.

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Reverberation Radio set the chill opening tone until 3:15 when Tim Hill took the stage. His singer songwriter style and melodious songs glimmer like clouds passing by as I lay on the grass looking up to a blue sky.

Tim HIll

PAINT was up next! PAINT is an awesome group staring Pedrum Siadatian Of Allah-Las. PAINT does not perform often so it’s a real treat. The set had many new songs all of which had an awesome retro kick, garage rock mixed with Allah-Las style California surfin’ desert rock. Siadatian is a talented songwriter and PAINT‘s debut album is great. Looking forward to hearing some of the songs they played getting released.

Sachiko Kanenobu presents another rare live performance with this Japanese acid folk rock legend. She released her cult classic albums in the early 70s. Her angelic music summoned peace, love and heart felt prayers ripened over the decades. Her fingers weaving spells as her voice peirced the veil between the earth and sky. Her set was filled with peace, passion and a intimate embrace. Her finger picking style was sensational and the music was a blessing.

Sugar Candy Mountain had the most hard rocking and experimental moments of the day; hats off to them! Their music was at times dreamy and restrained washing over the seated audience but dream pop shoegaze is not all Sugar Candy Mountain is serving. The end of the set had dense effects, guitars, harmoic vocals and synth and sample pads going into kruatrock jams and burning it hard. Psychedelic rock was in the house!

The Tyde, this was my first time hearing about this band with their 70’s rock lounge music. The lead guitars ripped on a number of these songs and the band was tight. They are clearly from Los Angeles with their sound, look and beautiful vintage guitars. Ironically, the crowd was still sitting during their set. No insult to the band but it was a lounge and chill crowd complete with blankets under the parachute with dancers on the edges.

After a presentation from Folk Yeah! filled with thanks for the sold out event. He got everyone to move their blankets and Allah-Las took the stage and the crowd finally started dancing and they danced like crazy! Cannibis filled the air during the opening songs as the crowd tuned to the vibes.  Allah-Las played for nearly 2 hours with hits old and new. Speaking of new, they have an album coming out and several of the songs were on display tonight.

Allah-Las are an incredible live band  and are constantly on the road. The audience went nuts there was moshing, crowd surfing, interpretive dances and sexy loving poeple on all sides. Allah-Las is not a mosh inducing band but they got it going today. Their set included and encore cover of The Human Expression “Calm Me Down” a favorite 60’s song of mine. Make sure to check out their extensive 2019 tour dates!

At about 10pm the show was over with an after party at the local saloon. I pack it in and headed back to the Bay. What a high consciousness super chill day with great music! The night brought the party in force with Allah-Las closing it out.



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Allah-Las ‘Calico Review’

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