John Dwyer has been blowing audiences away with energized live performances dripping with creative electricity. Thee Oh Sees are known for their far out psychedelic, punk, pop guitar drive. The have the ability to create a variety of sounds and songs. 2016 is a big year for Thee Oh Sees with 3 new releases A Weird Exits, Live in San Francisco, and the latest, An Odd Entrances out on Castle Face Records.

An Odd Entrances is described as follows: “This LP is a companion piece to ‘A Weird Exits’ an appendix, if you will.” “An Odd Entrances” is more spacey, groove oriented and doesn’t get into heavy punk territory. This album has a number of guest musicians who contribute vocals, keys, cello, guitar and percussion adding to the wonderful mix of sounds echoing through the speakers. Thee Oh Sees has an ever changing line up over the last few decades this album features the dual drumming of Dan Rincon and Ryan Moutinho, Tim Hellman on bass and John Dwyer on Guitar, vocals, Flute, Keyboards and percussion.


“An Odd Entrances” opens with a slow burn spacey riff. Echoing guitar strings sliding and reverberating.  ‘You Will Find it Here” becomes textured and atmospheric with futuristic sounds. The lyrics are poetic, meaningful, and grim. “Feel the Grass reaching up through your fingers. Hold you love while it still lingers. Laugh and cry in allotted time now. Look to the Sky before you fade away”

“The Poem” is a slower tune complete with string arrangements and richly layered effects. the slower pace has a psychedelic folk vibe. It moves and streams with synth, flute dancing with the rhythm.

“At the End, On the Stairs” a lyrical murder ballad with an upbeat pop beat. Followed by “Unwrap the Fiend Part 1” which kicks in the fuzz riffs, creamy leads, and harmonizing keyboard lines. “Nervous Tech (Nah John)” is derived from Miles Davis, “Go Ahead John“. The rhythm section lays down a groove then piercing hot guitar starts to burn over the top. The drums begin complex jazz patterns behind the solos. It breakdown to a deep bass line and intricate timings between the percussionists and the keys and guitars.  The groove oriented track has a tribal psychedelic sound.

thee of sees john.jpg

“An Odd Entrances” track listing:

You Will Find it Here

The Poem

Jammed Exit

At The End, on the Stairs

Unwrap the Fiend Part 1

Nervous Tech (Nah John)




Article by: Temple Rose