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Swedish psych ensemble Our Solar System offers its third album “In Time”. It is a cosmic journey through the heavens. This album is a collaboration between more then 15 musicians creating a diverse and interesting music.  The songs contain no lyrics yet it insinuates a telepathic contact with the greater universe. The revolving cycles of the stars and the governance of time which rules the 3 dimensional reality. Wonderful album rich with instrumentation and experimental arrangements.  Inspired by jazz, progressive rock, kraut rock, post rock and psychedelic music.

“In the Beginning of Time” begins with a saxophone and a bass line. The sax kicks on heavy echo and the drums and synth kick in melting the walls.  The collective sound create the image of kaleidoscopic projections imposed on images of outer space. The song moves through many sections where the music builds and deconstructs recreating itself. Listening closely to this album with head phones is deeply rewarding as the layers of instruments are revealed richening the sonic terrain.

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“At The Edge of Time” starts off with an ambient atmosphere soothing keys and droning synth with a variable delay time and modulation. Female vocals enter heavily modulated and soon joined by other voices. A chorus of” ahh ahh ahhs” sound ancient like Atlantian priestesses or some hidden cult communicating with the universe.  The melody of the vocal line returns throughout the track in new ways. Midway through the song it breaks down back to silence and starts to rebuild. It moves into a section with subtle instrumentation creating an alien architecture with unique sounds and eerie tones.






Article by: Temple Rose