“Flutro” is a noisy flute intro song followed by “Jenny Loves the Sun”.  A hazy guitar with excessive vibrato and reverb recall some early Pink Floyd. “Just Don’t Give Yourself” kicks it off with some blues inspired riffs and plenty of vintage sounds.  “Ask the Dust” continues the Syd Barrett inspired sounds. “ESP” gravitates to the California desert surf sound, very Los Angela California.  It takes on a magical feeling with 70’s sci-fi intrigue. “Overcome” is a classic Doors sound with Vox organ and no lyrics just intoned vocals harmonizing. No buyer’s remorse to be found here!

“Hills Made of Sand” is a dreamy tune with a desert western feel. Its tambre is twisted on a lysergic haze. “Bossa For Stanley” is a nice instrumental transitional piece with hints of bossa nova. “Good in Her Blues”, “Our Sorrow” are L.A. vintage revival all the way giving nods to the Doors and Bands like the Mystic braves. “We Are We Still Together” has more attitude in the vocals and a fuzzy bass line, the guitars take on a surfy feel. “Some Sinking Notes” adds to the ambiance with instrumental piano with heavy reverb and delay. The musical rhythm plots along through some British 1960’s daydream. “Because I Know You” is a wonderful old time surf track. Guiding lovers into the burnt sunset as it fades and shifts in psychedelic tones.

Dead Coast from the UK has vintage psychedelic sounds on tap. Shambolic was released on Greenway Records on a splatter vinyl.

dead coast shambolic vnyl.png


Article by: Temple Rose