Dhidalah Threshold

8 / 10 Heavy Space Rock From the Toyko Underground


Dhidalah‘s album Threshold is psychedelic futuristic retro heavy acid rock. Dhidalah is underground Japanese experimental rock with Freak-out guitars, walls of fuzz, doom, echoing vocals and mind bending riffs and slamming drums. The music is not all blast off as the songs include synthesizers which loop in ambient space rock with clean echoing guitars.  Threshold rocks hard and will thrill those who love to rock out to bands like Earthless.

This new album is to  be released on December 1st 2019 from Guru Guru Brain Records.

Dhidalah released their debut album in 2017 on Guru Guru Brain records along with a self-released Cassette called Moon People. The band actual formed in 2013 lighting up the Tokyo underground music scene.  Dhidalah‘s music is a wonderful example of the newly emerging global space rock / Krautrock movement. Their label mates Kikagaku Moyo, Minami Deutsch are other great examples along with Anunnaki, Electric Moon, Acid Rooster, Acid Mother Temple, Jjuujjuu.

Dhidalah Threshold is awesome and will appeal to fans of experimental heavy psychedelic rock. This band is still new to the game jump on board before the other catch wind and grab this album! : )