Go For Retro Eclipses


Go For Retro’s debut EP Eclipses is a digitally self-release from July of 2018. This underground four piece band resides in Minneapolis, MN a bubbling hot bed for skilled unknown bands. The guitars are warm and wolly with plenty of garage rock style and psyched out feels. Go For Retro is an exciting band with raw energy which builds and releases dynamically without losing tension between instruments.  Vocals are dynamic, melodic and reverberating often building up until an aggressive energized shout.
The music is rock all-the-way with psych effects like reverb, echo, tremolo and wha. The dual guitars take center stage with one laced in effects and the other spitting out rhythmic chords. The drum and bass lay down a steady drive and continuous groove which the guitars dance upon. “Enemy” introduces sparse organ sounds, krautrock rhythms, jagged guitar parts and vocals with short echoing trails creating a tremolo effect. The sound quality is good overall much better than most debut EPs. Go for Retro’s music will appeal to fans of Acid Dad, Heaters, Black Satori, Driftwood Pyre, Black Angels, and Night Beats.
Go For Retro Eclipses is great their music is unique and familiar, all the songs are original and the quality of recording is good. The tremolo used through Eclipses EP is awesome, in fact, the guitars use a great variety of effects to make interesting textures. The album is less than 15 minutes would have been great to hear more. Stay tuned there is another short EP coming out in November 2018 and the first single rips.