The Electric Family Terra Circus

The Electric Family Terra Circus is an album which has some incredible rock music from Germany. It is authentically vintage with 70’s experimental rock that will transport the listener to the peak of the krautrock movement. In this genre, The Electric Family is in league with the legendary innovators that defined this undefinable style of music. The recording process and the compositions foster spontaneity.The music takes the listener through unforeseen twists and turns. There is an excitement and inspired a feeling of ‘in-the-moment’ creativity. The listener becomes a witness the creative process of these inventive and impressive musicians. Terra Circus was recorded in two and a half days with all live in-studio recordings. This is the first studio album in 10 years from The Electric Family but they have preserved their sound for a new age. Tom Redecker remembers, “We wanted to record the songs of the next album live, without overdubs, directly and spontaneously, and it was big fun.” Sireena Records released Terra Circus in July of 2017.

The Electric Family Injects passion and new life into their favorite cover songs which are a staple of their live performances. ‘Mary, Mary So Contrary’ captures the greatness of Can while adding contemporary inspirations. This song has a raw emotional temperament; the vocals and as the instrumentation create moving drive. The rhythm guitar precisely strummed with the slide guitar echoing through the detailed midst of a three pipe organ. There is an intangible sense of longing and loss as the vocalist repeats “Mary, Mary” with the lush backing of echoing slide guitar. ‘Lucrecia, My Reflection’ is written by Sisters Of Mercy legendary English goth rock band. The Electric Family takes it another direction at first with sitar playing the melody and low gothic vocals. The chorus is catchy repeating “We got the empire…” backed by the 80’s keyboards. This is classic goth at its psychedelic edge, of course, no song is complete without an epic heart wrenched guitar solo backed by the sitar.

Their original songs blend in neatly with the cover songs. ‘Movin’’ introduces the awesome soloing of both Becker and Kirschbaum with space rock guitars and cosmic keys which appear repeatedly throughout the album. The songs range from shorter rock songs with chorus and frontman vocals like ‘When Dizziness Comes Around’ and ‘Santuario’. To long form compositions with singing guitar solos and brilliant instrumental passages as heard in ‘Movin’’, ‘Mary, Mary So Contrary’, and ‘The Dream Boat.’ There are multiple vocalists, however, the singing style remains consistent throughout the album. The vocals are punctuated and rhythmic similar to Amon Duul II and Talking Heads David Byrne.

The Electric Family formed in the summer of 1996. The following year they released their debut, “Welcome To The Family Show With The Folks You Know”. Tom Redbecker began this no boundaries musical collective which seems comfortable in nearly any genre. The Electric Family is a collective which has had 36 members rotate in and out of the line-up. This includes members of Amon Duul II, Voodoo Club, Mojo Club, Embryo, Grobschnitt and much more. The primary members are Redecker on guitar and voice. Harry Payuta contributes vocals, incredible sitar playing, and groovy bass lines. Rolf Kirschbaum performs incredible guitar solos which are deeply impassioned and a standout part of the album. He has been a member in The Pachinko Fake and Witt. Hanno Janssen is one of the founding members on drums. For Terra Circus Anders Becker keyboardist for The Mandra Gora Lightshow Society, Anders Becker lays down trippy synth and organ throughout the album. Steff Ulrich appears on drums and percussion.

The Electric Family Terra Circus is German experimental music laced with 1970s prog and Kraut psychedelia shapeshifting through diverse musical stylings. The band plays music that could appeal to fans of Can, Amon Duul II, Pink Floyd, Vibravoid, Embryo, Agitation Free and other space rock, and krautrock. They have a core sound which moves seamlessly through kraut, psych, prog, world fusion, and goth genres for a platter of tasty treats.

The Electric Family Terra Circus

  1. Movin’ (Kirschbaum)
  2. Lucrecia, My Reflection (Sister Of Mercy; Andrew Elditch)
  3. When Dizziness Comes Around (Payuta, Harry, Panciera, Blitzstein)
  4. Mary, Mary So Contrary (CAN; Karoli, Czukay, Liebezeit, Schmidt, Mooney)
  5. Landmark Visions II (Redecker)
  6. Santuario (Payuta)
  7. The Dreamboat
    a. Fanfare To The Shipyard Workers (Tom Redbecker)
    b. Name The Wreck (Redbecker, Becker, Kirschbaum, Payuta, Ullrich)
    c. Back In The Yard (Tom Redbecker) Sireena Records