Oh Sees Smote Reverser

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Oh Sees is back with Smote Reverser and a new band name (formerly Thee Oh Sees, OCS). Smote Reverser comes at you with charged energized songs steering toward the boundaries of rock music. John Dwyer continues to lay waste to the masses using his treble boost fuzz guitar and immersive guitar acrobatics. The music takes Oh Sees signature in-your-face rock and weaves in thrash, krautrock, indie, neopsychedelic, and experimental noise. Smote Reverser has keyboards throughout the album and Bridget Dawson contributes vocal harmonies.

The first single ‘Overthrown’ is thrash metal with aggressive fast guitars lines and intense percussion. This does not describe the album as a whole but there is a continuous anxious tension in the songs that creates an intensity throughout. Smote Reverser has Dan Rincon and Paul Quattrone both on drums, Tim Hellman on bass, Tom Dolan on keys and John Dwyer on vocals and guitar with guest appearances from Bridget Dawson. The album has diverse sounds giving interest to an album with no shortage of music to enjoy.

“Last Peace” and “Moon Bog” are great songs with a slower tempo and deep groove oriented songwriting. The kruatrock rhythms are infectious and etherial organs and staccato soft vocals make for great trance inducing songs. No Oh Sees song is complete without a guitar solo section featuring harmonically complex fuzz tones and exciting progressions. “Nail House Needle Boys” is classic Oh Sees with echoing treble boosted guitar line which spike out in a slightly obvious but catchy way.

Oh Sees dedicates much time to songs which feel improvisational and in the moment like ‘Anthemic Aggressor’, ‘Files Bump Against The Glass’, and ‘Abysmal Urn’. These songs go off the rails and explore sonic possibilities from shoe gaze to experimental noise without vocal interruption or traditional song structures, pushing the songs far-out into the fringed and frayed mind of humanity. 

More Reverser has 60 minutes of diverse musical offerings from thrash rock to nearly ambient indie rock. A diverse palette for the eclectic tastes of the Oh Sees fans. The only thing fans have come to expect of John Dwyer is that the music will kick-ass and no one knows what to expect next!!!

Oh Sees Smote Reverser

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Last Peace

Moon Bog

Anthemic Aggressor

Abysmal Urn

Nail House Needle Boys

Files Bump Against The Glass

Beat Quest


Article By: Temple Rose