L.A. Witch has had a great year opening for the Kills, two US tours, and their first European tour. This was all prompted by the success of their 7” single “Drive Your Car” and now in celebration of the European tour fans get another great 7” “Brian” released through vinyl pouring gurus at Greenway Records in Brooklyn, NY. These ladies will soon take over the world! L.A. Witch has vintage surf sounds with a disinterested attitude and a dash of grunge for good measure.

“Brian” begins with a desert surf riff, the lyrics enter with disinterested surly swagger. The sing is surfy and desert rock all the way with plenty of reverberation complete with tambourine and spaghetti western flare. The refrain repeats “I’m outta my head. I’m outta your way”. It is perhaps the best song they have recorded and released thus far.

la witch brain 7 inch  k.jpg

“untitled” begins with a gallop and alternative rock vocal styling backed with a rocking drive. The lyrics are filled with style and attitude “why don’t you get away from me”. I for one really love the punk rock style with the surfy guitars. All female line up with their 90’s retro and vintage worship. It really sounds great!

SADE SANCHEZ – vox/guitar
IRITA PAI – bass


Article by: Temple Rose