Mooon Safari

8/10 Vintage vibes riding high fun album with plenty of true 1960’s psychedelic pop throwbacks.


Mooon Safari is the second album from the Dutch trio and it is an enthusiactic album with authentically 1960’s psychedelic pop. They hit the golden vintage fuzz guitar, 12 string jangle, vintage compact organs, and whimsical harmonies. They also blend in contemporary west coast USA retro rock. The album sounds awesome is well mixed and is so much fun!

This album released October 4th 2019 on Bickerton Records.

Mooon is lighthearted and playful with a youthful energy. The band is a family affair with Tom and Gijs de Jong, and Timo van Lierop, their cousin. Their first album Brew came out in 2017 and is also a great album with classic vocal harmonies, vintage guitar tones and edgy reverb drenched vocals.

I am loving this album the music is awesome, energetic, fun and brings to mind 1960’s psychedelic pop band Rainbow Folly. I get an Allah-Las vibe, some Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, The Human Expression. They even have sitars involved in this safari of sound “while living my life in the light”.

The lyrics are pretty great as well and not enough bands focus on a full band vocal sound. Mooon nails those multi-part vocal harmonies and the whole band is involved.

The recording, production and mix sounds great with that vintage sun bleached production with some kind of lo-fi filter on the vocals. The mix of sounds comes together very well however there are few rough edges in there but the album is cohesive, and retro. The production does change throughout the album as theybecome more contemporary as the album plays on.