Los Tabanos Experience Rise Of The Melted Eagle

7.75 / 10 Space Rock and Heavy Psych Rock collide in this collective Chilean space journey.

Los Tabanos Experience

Los Tabanos Experience Rise Of The Melted Eagle is a heavy psych rock album with krautrock, space rock and heavy stoner from the incredible music scene in Chile. This album is trippy and takes the listener through all the levels of heavy psychedelic rock from the future!

Los Tabanos Experience is a collective of improvisational rock musicians from Chile. The music is all recorded live and with open compositions allowing for free experimentation. This is an inspiring approach that sets them apart from many space rock and heavy stoner rock bands.

They remind me of Electric Moon with a heavy acid blues influences.  Magma Cavern is a mellow song with echoing female vocals that remind of of old school Acid Mother Temple.

The album has a variety of instruments and sounds with a variety of musicians contributing and a variety of instruments employed. Guitar drum and bass guitar take the front but synthesizers, occasional vocals, and layers of changing instrumentation fill out the album making for an unpredictable journey on the pathways to inner space.

The Chilean psychedelic scene is coming up with more and more awesome music. The political unrest in Chile at this time is becoming very intense and the music is becoming more experimental with heavy dark themes. Los Tabanos Experience is joined in this scene by The Holy Drug Couple, Follakzoid, Demonauta, Grand Reunion, Kayro.


Los Tabanos Experience Rise Of The Melted Eagle

Overall, Los Tabanos Experience Rise Of The Melted Eagle is a great space rock heavy psych album for those who love long tracks and fuzzy guitars.

released September 27, 2019

On these 8 movements:

Kurt Heyer – Drums
Jimi Leighton – Bass
Claudio Hirmas – Guitar/Slide
K González Lihn – Guitar
Sergio Carvallo – Electronics
Daniela Defilippi – Voices *
Gabriel Zabala – Sitar **
Alberto Parra – Guitar **

* On tracks 3 The Magma Caravan and 6 Inner Sun
** On track 8 Kali’s Worship

Recorded and mixed by K González Lihn in Estudios La Sede, Santiago, Chile.
Mastered for vinyl by K González Lihn and Mauricio Cerri in Estudios La Sede, Santiago, Chile May 2019.