Leopard Skull Welcome Home

7 / 10 indie-psych-dream-pop experience

Leopard Skull

Leopard Skull’s debut Welcome Home spans multiple musical styles with-in the indie-psych-alternative-garage rock scene. “Breakfast” is upbeat contemporary indie dream-pop oriented with the whimsy of the 1960’s British Invasion.“Sun” and “Ghost” are songs with have spacey synth and emotional expression circa Pink Floyd. Leopard Skull is more than the sum of their inspirations and experiment with interesting sounds leading to uniquely inspired music.

Welcome Home is a solid album whose arrangements reveal themselves after multiple listens.  Weird experimentation is used across the album vitalizing the songs with unique textures and arrangements. The song writing is diverse and shows a wide range of influences which harmonize well throughout the album.

Leopard Skull

Leopard Skull is the solo project of Atlanta, Georgia USA resident and multi-instrumentalist Harm Pauwels of Ghent and BE.

Welcome Home was home recorded as a follow-up to the 7″ EP from Belly Button Records. Leopard Skull has a live band called The Hunters making for exciting live performances including one at the International Music Festival Lugano Buskers Festival (CH).

Leopard Skull

Leopard Skull Welcome Home is indie-psych with strummed guitars, alternative rock song structures, dream pop moods, and soothing ambience. The diverse and interesting instrumentation makes for an engaging album. Welcome Home brings to mind bands like Foxygen, early Brian Eno, The Beatles, Jacco Gardener, Pink Floyd, Oasis and contemporary American West coast bands like Sugar Candy Mountain, and Connan Mockasin. The release date for Welcome Home is September 27th 2019 on EXAG Records on LP and Download.




Leopard Skull

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