Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember

Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember is a far-out album with experimental psychedelic rock which is catchy, experimental and definitely psychedelic rock. They have krautrock ambience with synth and drone alongside freakout guitar solos and garage rock verse chorus melodies. The album feels complete, very intentional despite the pronounced dynamic shifts in sonic texture.  This double LP is the debut from this band released by the excellent psych label Cardinal Fuzz Sept 6th 2019.

“Surely They Knew” is a retro pop song in the vein of Black Angels with 21st century electronics. The treble boosted guitar tone is old school Detroit rock and surfy; it reminds me of bands like Stooges, Driftwood Pyre, with a hint of alternative rock. The harmonized vocals have a cool beachy attitude and surf vocal melody lines. The intersection of distorted rock with reverb drenched nirvana style vocals and surf vocal harmonies is interesting and sounds great.

“Great Vibrating Seasons” is a long form composition that goes in unexpected directions showing off the bands ability to navigate forward though various diverse sections. It begins with an ambient section with various overlapping oscillation creating cosmic vibrations. The guitars enter and vocals come forward into a convention song structure and it deconstructs and rebuilds itself again and again.  The guitars toward the end of the second build-up blast out echoing wah-wah guitar solos as the chaos builds until it reaches Acid Mother Temple territory and breaks with just a strummed acoustic guitar to finish the song.

The theme of destruction / deconstruction and regeneration / growth are felt in the flow of the album and in the story the songs tell. The entire journey is backed by tight rhythm that knows how to blend into the background and when to drive the song.

The biography of the band is very much a mystery and there are few images of the members online. The band has six members Luke LLewelyn, John Day, Nathan John,  Grant Jones, Tim Garraway, Owen Griffleson.

Infinity Forms of Yellow


Blog by: Temple Rose

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