Psychic Lemon Freak Mammal

Psychic Lemon

Psychic Lemon Freak Mammal is a space-rock odyssey with long compositions with dense guitar effects, synth, bass and live drums. These songs are like rockets ripping through the atmosphere.

Freak Mammal is experimental new wave space-rock. The layered effects, repeating echoes, synth and heavy drums make for a dense textured tone with sweeping filters and screaming highs. The sound is unique and far-out.

The guitar uses effects in a highly layered and effective way transforming the guitar tone to the point where it can often sound like a synthesizer. The bass player alternates between the synth and bass and the drummer get dense resonate drum tones.

The band rides on a wave of rhythm and allows themselves to explore experimental sounds which are abstract moving toward free-form expression. The new combinations of modulation, delay, synth filter, wah, oscillators all collide in new inspired ways which can be noisy and disorienting at times showing they are not gentle space kittens instead they know how to rock and push the envelope!

Psychic Lemon Freak Mammal was released on Nov. 8th 2019 through Drone Rock Records.

Psychic Lemon

Psychic Lemon resides in Cambridge, England where they have shared the stage with bands such as Mugstar, 10,000 Russos and were featured on the incredible compilation The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 6 from Fuzz Club Records. Freak Mammal is the 3rd studio album from the band and it is freaky.

They also released Psychic Lemon Live At The Smokehouse which is a ripping good live performance with deep space rock and is highly recommended. Psychic Lemon Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay is the previous LP and that too is a great album which gets way far-out but is less experimental than the latest and has more clear tones.

This is a very cool space rock album for those that like experimental space rock. These guys can push it over the edge and dazzle listeners with new interesting sounds and wailing psychedelic madness. This album is for fans of Electric Moon, Mugstar, Anunnaki, Acid Mother Temple, Acid Rooster, Comacoza and more.

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Psychic Lemon is:

  • Andy Briston: Guitar, synths
  • Andy Hibberd: Bass
  • Martin Law: Drums

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