Vibrations From The Cosmic Void

Take a trip into the Cosmic Void with Germanys best psychedelic rock band, Vibravoid. Vibrations From The Cosmic Void is packed with delicious vintage psychedelic tones. This album is a space rock odyssey going further into the cosmos. The tape delay is in full effect as guitar notes repeat and echo into infinity. Vibravoid’s new album displays some of their best music to date. They have mastered the mood of early Pink Floyd and blended it with German psychedelic rock. Sitars and tanpuras ring out with cosmic vibrations on much of the album integrating in a mystical world music element.

The opening track “Vibrations From The Cosmic Void Part II” throws the listener directly out of the airlock into psychedelic 60’s flashback. It begins with a light show of sounds and melodic vocals. Then straight into “The Modular System” a space rock electronic excursion. The layers of drones, analogue synth and organs are velvety warm and addictive. The composition is 1960’s psychedelic LSD improvisation.

“Melodies Of The Stars” dives deep into the ambient space with little percussion and plenty of flutes emulating modular synth and sitar. It is topped off with sci-fi messages from space similar to Astronomy Domaine by Pink Floyd.

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Vibravoid’s Vibrations From The Cosmic Void is being released on Stoned Karma Records out of Germany in limited edition multi-color vinyl. Never stingy on their dose Vibravoid is offering a bonus live album from the 2018 Rheinkraut Festival where they play a blindingly tripped out 2-hour set and two bonus tracks which add 26 minutes to the album.

This album is indispensable for fans of vintage psychedelic experimental rock.

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Vibrations From The Cosmic Void

  1. Vibrations From The Cosmic Void Part II
  2. The Modular System
  3. Melodies Of The Stars
  4. The Intergalactic Playground
  5. Frequencies Of The Cosmos
  6. MirrorSpace (Bonus Track)
  7. Milchstrasse 14, Koln (Bonus Track)

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