Liminanas -I’ve Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2 – 7″ and Rare Stuff 2015 / 2018


Liminanasreleased its second album of 2018. I’ve Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2 – 7″ and rare stuff 2015 / 2018. This double LP is filled with a diverse aray of awesome music. The songs are always leaning psychedelic with vintage organ sounds, lo-fi guitars, surfy vocal harmonies and multi-lingual lyrics.




I’ve Got Trouble On MY Mind Vol. 2 is filled with upbeat organ and guitar with simple yet deeply moving rhythm. The music spans garage rock, psych, pop music, and dark euro psychwave all performed and written in a whimsical manner which is always interesting and often satisfying.
The core of the Liminanas is Lionel & Marie Limiñana . They are based in Cabestany, in Southern France. This album is the outtakes, demos, b-sides and alternate takes and mixes. Many guest musicians appear on this album on the instruments, vocals and in the mixing and recording process. This collection of music spanning 2015 – 2018 has a diversity of personas and dives into many various styles of psych music each time with great inspiration.