Wooden Shjips V.

Wooden Shjips return with an album full of laid-back attitude, classic rock inspirations, and Wooden Shjips characteristic sound. Beautiful guitar, wah, organ and echoing tones ride on tight steady rhythms. Ripley Johnson’s vocals appear through the mist reverberating off the San Fransisco Bay.  The album creates the air of the California coast. Laid back waves of music fill most of the album with a few faster rock tunes. ‘Ridin’ is a song that just sits in the back of your mind popping up again and again. The songs liquid guitar leads and catchy chorus bubbles the in brain’s dopamine synapses creating additional incentive to give the album another spin.

The opener ‘Eclipse’ has effected guitars with echoing smooth wah leads and mysterious vocals. The bass line, keyboards, and drums beg the listener to move their feet. Ripley’s distant effected vocal lines carve out the verses with smoke like echoes. A saxophone enters in the extended outro as the song edges toward krautrock space jam territory.

Wooden Shjips

Coming on the shoulders of the 2013 album ‘Back To Land’ Wooden Shjips rejoined to play a headlining spot at Levitation Music Festival in Austin TX. Ripley Johnson has been continuously playing and releasing music with Moon Duo while the other Wooden Shjip mates have largely been musically inactive. Many similarities can be drawn between Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips, however, Wooden Shjips has defined itself as the more organic and less experimental not as electronic.

Wooden Shjips V. Is an excellent album which will not disappoint and has potential to keep spinning on the record player for years to come. This is an album which can be played beginning to end especially fitting for lazy summer daze. The guitars effects and playing style are all tremendous and worth the price of admission alone. There are too many great things to draw attention to, just buy a copy!

Wooden Shjips V.

In The Fall
Red Line
Already Gone
Staring At The Sun
Golden Flower
Ride On




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