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Oh Sees Smote Reverser

Oh Sees Smote Reverser Oh Sees is back with Smote Reverser and a new band name (formerly Thee Oh Sees, OCS). Smote Reverser comes at you with charged energized songs steering toward the boundaries of rock music. John Dwyer continues... Continue Reading →

Imajinary Friends

Imajinary Friends of San Fransisco, California dive deep into kruatrock grooves and post-punk dreams with sexy counterculture lysergic experimentation. The music has way far-out quantum consciousness by the microgram dosing your ears with kaleidoscopic liquid sounds.

Psychotic Reaction Dying On The Vine (Single)

Psychotic Reaction is in-your-face punk rock at ear melting volumes!!!

Electric Moon – Stardust Ritual

"Electric Moon is real psychedelia at its finest. Their space rock reaches new heights on ‘Stardust Rituals’ taking the listener on a visionary journey."

Buffalo Fuzz

"If you like psychedelic blues, stoner rock, and bands like The Black Keys this is for you."


"SEAFARER is a four piece indie psych band based in Minneapolis Minnesota. On their first self-titled release they show off a sea of crystalline synths, charming melodies and daydreamy lyricism with a splash of British psychedelia."

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