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Stonefield Far From Earth

Far From Earth has fuzzed out instruments, synthesized organs and hard hitting rhythm with soaring pop style vocals. The music is dynamic, quieting down to make space for the vocals and to draw rhythmic intrigue then building up for good measure. The music stands in the territory between hard rock, dance, desert rock, and psychedelic rock placing it in position to reach a broad fan base.


This album is filled with psyched out vintage tones and shoegaze ambience. The music echoes and reverberates spaciously, at times droning off into soundscapes. It spaces out as much as it rocks pushing the amps to break-up.

Vibravoid A Night At The Museum

"Vibravoid is a psychedelic rock band with kaleidoscopic liquid light oozing from their entire being. The music is a projector transmitting waves of transcendent experience into the mind of the listener pushing them out of their head into far-out vistas. Vibravoid is classic psychedelic music"

The Cult of Lip – Your Feedback

"‘Your Feedback’ from The Cult of Lip is a whirlpool of detuned, effected guitars which spirals against the driven rhythm section."

Ya Ho Wa 13 – Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony (1974)

  Ya Ho Wa 13 formed out of “The Source Family” a spiritual commune with over 100 robe wearing members founded in the late 1960’s by Father Yod. He believed his group was “the great western mystery school.” They built... Continue Reading →

The Myrrors ‘Entranced Earth’

Inside the psychedelic rock scene.

L.A. Witch, Drive Your Car 7″

L.A. Witch Drive Your Car 7”   L.A. Witch’s ‘Drive Your Car’ 7” is bitter sweet and leaves you wanting more. The surfy garage rock sounds of this all women trio include punk rock attitude and a nod to the... Continue Reading →

Desert Daze 2016

  Desert Daze was the best line up I have ever witnessed and included nearly 100 bands. It had a vibe which can expand the mind into new unique sonic and visual experiences. Standout performance  were delivered by The Black... Continue Reading →

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