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The Grand Acid

The Grand Acid 7/10 The Grand Acid of Berlin Germany have released their first full length LP. It is filled with American styled hard blues, stoner rock, and classic rock riffs and vocals. The male tenor vocals are clear and... Continue Reading →

Go For Retro Eclipses

Go For Retro is an exciting band with raw energy which builds and releases dynamically without losing tension between instruments.  Vocals are dynamic, melodic and reverberating often building up until an aggressive energized shout. The music is rock all the way with psych effects like reverb, echo, tremolo and wha. The dual guitars take center stage with one laced in effects and the other spitting out rhythmic chords.

Vibravoid Live At Rheinkaut Festival Dusseldorf 2018

...With epic psychedelic performances the likes of which are not to be found anywhere on the planet or in history. Vibravoid are the masters of vintage themed psychedelia. They are so good at recreating the collective fantasy of what early psychedelic music was that Vibravoid themselves have become the official reference. 

Black Satori Listless EP

Black Satori plays a mix of garage rock, doom, surf and experimental psychedelic rock. The songs are great, vocals and guitars are enjoyable throughout. The overall direction of the band is a creative psychedelic brew that does not imitate defined musical genres or other bands; they have their own sound.

Oh Sees Smote Reverser

Oh Sees Smote Reverser Oh Sees is back with Smote Reverser and a new band name (formerly Thee Oh Sees, OCS). Smote Reverser comes at you with charged energized songs steering toward the boundaries of rock music. John Dwyer continues... Continue Reading →

Sleep Leagues Beneath

with a sound akin to a trudging, wolly mammoth of megalithic proportions stalking slowly toward your home. Sleep’s hard destructive fuzz tone is amazingly harmonic and complex designed to set the loudest amps on fire (High On FIRE)!!!!

Vive La Void

Vive La Void is synth EDM music with etherial witchy vibes. Her use of synth-wave rhythms and reality warping effects is second to none.

A Place To Bury Strangers 2018 Tour

A Place To Bury Strangers Tour 2018 A Place To Bury Strangers is bringing their sonic wizardry on tour to the USA and Europe in 2018. The effort is in support of the new album, Pinned to be released on... Continue Reading →

Nest Egg – Nothingness Is Not A Curse

The songs build momentum as they progress with unpredictable section changes and innovative use of effects. The guitars go from clean and tight to broken and distorted. At times the guitar sounds like it may have been set on fire with molten distortion and feedback.

Psychotic Reaction Dying On The Vine (Single)

Psychotic Reaction is in-your-face punk rock at ear melting volumes!!!

Narco States – Temples Into Tombs

Narco States Temples Into Tombs Narco States Temples Into Tombs from Pinata Records! is for hip-shakers and narcotic troublemakers. Garage rock sublime with 60’s style organs, ripping guitar lines, and a raucous frontman, Michael Meyer. The blend of punk and... Continue Reading →

M. Martin – A Harvest of Ice

The listener is taken on a journey from dark-psych to indie-folk-drone. M. Martin’s voice is present throughout with clear intent exploring indie melodies and phrasing to disinterested vocals with punk attitude.

Vibravoid A Night At The Museum

"Vibravoid is a psychedelic rock band with kaleidoscopic liquid light oozing from their entire being. The music is a projector transmitting waves of transcendent experience into the mind of the listener pushing them out of their head into far-out vistas. Vibravoid is classic psychedelic music"

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