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Driftwood Pyre Strangeways EP

"Packed with catchy songs, rocking guitars and psychedelic vibrations. It has high quality production for a clear, rich and balanced sound that begs to be blasted at high volume."

The Cult of Lip – Your Feedback

"‘Your Feedback’ from The Cult of Lip is a whirlpool of detuned, effected guitars which spirals against the driven rhythm section."

Buffalo Fuzz

"If you like psychedelic blues, stoner rock, and bands like The Black Keys this is for you."

The Flavor Crystals / Telescopes Split

  Flavor Crystals / Telescopes Split   This Split pairs two underground shoe-gaze / psychedelic rock artists each contributing one side track. This is a atmospheric out of the box album and you will find no verses or chorus here.... Continue Reading →

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