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Heaters Suspended Youth

The Heaters dive into shoegaze rock with plenty of trendy synth. Suspended Youth fits the latest trends in the psych / contemporary shoegaze with spacious arrangements, rich guitar swells, ambient echoes, and steady rhythmic drum and bass cementing a danceable groove. The music swirls into the atmosphere making crystalline sonic clouds. It sounds like The Heaters have grown into a sound which is comfortable and creatively unique, they found their home base.

Acid Dad

Acid Dad 6.8 out of 10 Acid Dad's highly anticipated full-length self-titled debut from Greenway Records in October 2018. Out of Brooklyn NY with a airy blend of punk-no-wave-psychedelic music. Acid Dad album feels honest, non-pretentious and integrates a diversity of... Continue Reading →

The Cult of Lip ‘Right Now’ 7″

The Cult of Lip's debut 7” is high energy filled with twisted guitars and layers of effects. The punk rock rhythm section drives the sound as echoing vocals with indistinguishable lyrics and tons of attitude. The dense guitar sound is... Continue Reading →

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