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The Wires Live At Rockerill

The Wires Live At Rockerill 7/10 New Underground Psychedelic Garage Rock The Wires Live At Rockerill is live psychedelic rock in the vein of Oh Sees and Night Beats. The guitars are rocking, bass is energized and the the drums... Continue Reading →

The Cosmic Dead Scottish Space Race

The Cosmic Dead Scottish Space Race 8.5/ 10 Heavy Psych Rock with Doom Punk and Freakout Noise! The Cosmic Dead Scottish Space Race is an epic blast off into space with cyber punk- psychedelic-art rock and experimental freak-out music projected... Continue Reading →

Anunnaki Immanentize The Eschaton

Anunnaki Immanentize The Eschaton 7.8 /10 Beautiful echoing guitars and spaced-out modular synth collide with stoner doom. Anunnaki Immanentize The Eschaton is spaced-out instrumental rock with blazing filtered guitar tones and echoing synth  and songs that slowly builds and decays... Continue Reading →

Levitation Room Headspace

Levitation Room Headspace 8.5 / 10 Sun bleached California retro garage rock of the highest order! Headspace is the latest from Los Angeles’s psychedelic sunshine garage rockers Levitation Room. Their sound is British Invasion 1960’s rock with contemporary California surf-gaze.The... Continue Reading →

Pottery No. 1

Pottery No. 1 8.5 / 10 Post-Punk retro weirdo rock with discordant pop songs, it's awesome! Pottery's debut album No. 1 is exciting upbeat post-punk-retro-rock with discordant pop songs bursting with creativity. The upbeat rock brings to mind artist like... Continue Reading →

Leopard Skull Welcome Home

Leopard Skull Welcome Home 7 / 10 indie-psych-dream-pop experience Leopard Skull's debut Welcome Home spans multiple musical styles with-in the indie-psych-alternative-garage rock scene. "Breakfast" is upbeat contemporary indie dream-pop oriented with the whimsy of the 1960's British Invasion."Sun" and "Ghost"... Continue Reading →

Electric Moon Terminal Cheesecake In Search Of Highs Volume Three

Electric Moon Terminal Cheesecake In Search Of Highs Volume Three 8 / 10 This is an awesome cohesive album with instrumental compositions exploring the new wave of psychedelic drone, space rock, and the heavier side of krautrock. Electric Moon Terminal... Continue Reading →

Taras Bulba One

Taras Bulba One 8/10 Highly original and creative Taras Bulba One is an experimental album which oozes original creativity.  There are moments of synthesized ambience, strange mind-warping sounds and wailing echoing guitars. Taras Bulba One is for those who love... Continue Reading →

Acid Rooster

Acid Rooster 8.5/10 All-out Krautrock Evolution Acid Rooster has released their self-titled debut and it is far-out high energy German psychedelic spacerock. The music is "Free thinking psychedelic instrumental music without song structures, exploring possibilities of the moment." Liquid lead... Continue Reading →

Dreamtime Tidal Mind

Dreamtime Tidal Mind 8.5 / 10  Crystalline ritual of psychedelic sci-fi, prog-rock Dreamtime's Tidal Mind is an exciting ritualistic psychedelic journey proclaiming the dawn of the age of Aquarius.  This crystalline sci-fi, prog-rock powered starship features music unlike any other.... Continue Reading →

Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember

Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember is a far-out album with experimental psychedelic rock which is catchy, experimental and definitely psychedelic rock. They have krautrock ambience with synth and drone alongside freakout guitar solos and garage... Continue Reading →

Suzuki Junzo & Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska The Ascended Master Teachings Of Suzuki Junzo and Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska

The Ascended Master Teachings Of Suzuki Junzo and Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska (2xLP) 8.5/10  Do not buy this record unless you are looking for psychedelic music! Suzuki Junzo & Snakes Don't Belong In Alaska The Ascended Master Teachings Of... Continue Reading →

Vibravoid World Of Pain / Plastic Covered Tangerines 7″

Vibravoid World Of Pain / Plastic Covered Tangerines 9 /10 Vibravoid is the true vintage analogue psychedelic rock band!   Vibravoid has new cosmic transmissions for humans "World of Pain" a "7" vinyl. This is a true psychedelic retro collectors... Continue Reading →

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