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The Cult of Lip – Your Feedback

"‘Your Feedback’ from The Cult of Lip is a whirlpool of detuned, effected guitars which spirals against the driven rhythm section."

Electric Moon – Stardust Ritual

"Electric Moon is real psychedelia at its finest. Their space rock reaches new heights on ‘Stardust Rituals’ taking the listener on a visionary journey."

Buffalo Fuzz

"If you like psychedelic blues, stoner rock, and bands like The Black Keys this is for you."


"SEAFARER is a four piece indie psych band based in Minneapolis Minnesota. On their first self-titled release they show off a sea of crystalline synths, charming melodies and daydreamy lyricism with a splash of British psychedelia."

Favorite Music of 2016

Favorite albums of 2016 2016 recap: Music in 2016 was amazing! It was an exciting year for the psych scene where reverb soaked guitars with vintage sounds in mainstream music. The underground bands are getting bigger and their tours are... Continue Reading →

Ash Ra Tempel

  Psychedelic Classics revisited: 1971 The self-titled debut from the Berlin based Ash Ra Tempel marked a new era in music known as Krautrock. They created music that was outside the conventional framework Taking LSD and recording improvisational jams.... Continue Reading →

Can – Tago Mago

    Tago Mago by Can is universally considered one of the most influential Krautrock albums. Can was all German except the singer Damo Suzuki from Japan. He would sing in multiple languages and propelled the band into improvisation, noise,... Continue Reading →

The Human Expression – Love At A Psychedelic Velocity 1967

  When I first heard Human Expression I thought it was contemporary band with a vintage vibe, however, it is a lost classic. The Human Expression from 1960’s Los Angeles was virtually unknown until the last 10 years. It’s psychedelic... Continue Reading →

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