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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O Reverse Of Rebirth Reprise

9 / 10 Cosmic Acid Folk Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O Reverse Of Rebirth Reprise is a acid folk spaceship ride with unexpected surprises. Much of the album uses acoustic instruments and forward vocals and the speed... Continue Reading →

The GR Record Head

The GR Record Head 7 / 10 Vintage vibes and rocking guitar The GR Record Head is unique free rocking album with experimental oozing from its pores. The music is intense energetic with interesting and unpredictable songs which always manage... Continue Reading →

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol Berserkir

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol Berserkir 7.5 / 10 The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol Berserkir is experiential music recorded as one time improvisational tracks in the psychedelic rock and space rock style. For 12 years The... Continue Reading →

The Pancakes Mokele Goes To Town

The Pancakes Mokele Goes To Town 8.5 / 10 fuzzed rock for heads! The Pancakes Mokele Goes To Town has many stages taking the listener on a journey from playful to speaker blowing psychedelic madness with plenty of retro vibrations... Continue Reading →

Casino Cotton The Reflection

Casino Cotton The Reflection 7.8 / 10 Acid Folk dreams Casino Cotton The Reflection with Acid Mothers Temple is acid folk and rock with Casino Cotton's mystifying voice. Acid Mothers Temple Members present on the album lay down lysergic vibes... Continue Reading →

Vibravoid Out Of Tune In Roseheim

Vibravoid Out Of Tune In Roseheim 8.5 / 10 Incredible live performance far out psychedelic rock music. Vibravoid is a great live band and Out Of Tune in Roseheim is evidence. The performances are excellent and playing a mix of... Continue Reading →

Mooon Safari

Mooon Safari 8/10 Vintage vibes riding high fun album with plenty of true 1960's psychedelic pop throwbacks. Mooon Safari is the second album from the Dutch trio and it is an enthusiactic album with authentically 1960's psychedelic pop. They hit... Continue Reading →

Mr Elevator Good Bye Blue Sky

Mr Elevator Good Bye Blue Sky 8 / 10 Awesome synth and keys to ride into the sunset cinematically Mr Elevator Good Bye Blue Sky is keyboards and snyth with vintage tones and out of this world sounds. The music... Continue Reading →

10,000 Russos Kompromat

10,000 Russos Kompromat 8/ 10 Gothic Electro psych rock its pretty sick! 10,000 Russos Kompromat is uncompromising heavy psychedelic rock with an electronic heart. The music intense, dark and addictive.  The unsettling sound features ominous droning electronics, precise mechanical rhythms... Continue Reading →

Centrum För Meditation

Centrum För Meditation   8 /10 Awesome meditative psych rock. Centrum För Meditation is a great droning space rock album with psychedelic flair. The music is transcendent allowing for pastoral listening that slowly bubbles up with psychedelic guitars and world... Continue Reading →

Follakzoid I

Follakzoid I 7.5 / 10 Unique blend of electronic, krautrock and space rock from an increasingly interesting Chilean band. Follakzoid I is their 4th album and it goes deeper into space then ever before. The nearly ambient soundscapes generate tension... Continue Reading →

OM BBC Radio I

OM BBC Radio I 8/10 OM live laying down mystical chill stoner rock grooves with a world wide influences OM BBC Radio I is a live album recorded in May of 2019. They play songs from Advaitic Songs and God... Continue Reading →

Movie Club Moonbow single

Movie Club has released the new music video for "Moonbow" the first single from the Man O' War EP coming in March! Movie Club of Venice Beach California USA is an instrumental band with fuzzy guitars screaming wah tones and... Continue Reading →

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