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Zone Six Kozmik Koon

Zone Six Kozmik Koon 9.5 / 10 Space Rock at its finest! Zone Six Kozmik Koon is a deep space odyssey with ambient glitter and drudgy stoner space rock. The sound is beautiful to listen to the balance of synth... Continue Reading →

Best Psychedelic Garage Rock 2019

Best Psychedelic Garage Rock 2019 2019 psychedelic garage rock was strong and growing becoming more exciting by the year. There is no hard way to define what list any given band should be on but these bands are bringing in... Continue Reading →

Black Satori Lucy Lane

Black Satori Lucy Lane 9/10 Psychedelic garage rock bliss Black Satori Lucy Lane is a ripping psychedelic garage rock album with blissful fuzz tones and multi-dimensional improvisational space rock. Black Satori is futurist garage rock taking classic retro sounds and... Continue Reading →

Nebula Holy Shit!

Nebula Holy Shit! 7.8 /10 fucking heavy evil psych   Nebula Holy Shit! is heavy psychedelic rock with cult vibes. This is the first album from Nebula in 10 years and they hold true to their roots of Sabbath worship... Continue Reading →

Best Space Rock 2019

Best Of 2019 Space Rock: 2019 might have been the most prolific year ever for psychedelic rock and its various interrelated sub-genres!! Acid Mother Temple released some of the best experimental psych rock of the decade in 2019, Vibravoid continues... Continue Reading →

Chris Forsyth All Time Present

Chris Forsyth All Time Present 8 / 10 Awesome psychedelic rock album with beautiful clear tones and music that will cause your walls to ripple as if a stone was tossed into water. Chris Forsyth All Time Present is inspiring... Continue Reading →

Electric Moon Lunatics & Lunatics Revenge

Electric Moon Lunatics & Lunatics Revenge 8.5 /10 Classic Space Rock! Electric Moon is one of the most influential underground psychedelic spacerock bands  performing today. The reissue of their first two albums as one 2LP is sickly awesome! Lunatics and... Continue Reading →

Electric Moon Cellular Overdose

Electric Moon Cellular Overdose 9.5 / 10 Live Heavy Psychedelic Space Rock Classic Electric Moon Cellular Overdose is a live album from 2012 and is everything anyone could want from this incredible band. The songs build slowly starting soft slow... Continue Reading →

The Cult Of Dom Keller Ascend

The Cult Of Dom Keller Ascend The Cult Of Dom Keller Ascend is a wild fuzzy rock song with experimental noise and buzz saw fuzz that is so satisfying. Ascend is a single released through Cardinal Fuzz which sold out... Continue Reading →

Kungens Män Hårt Som Ben

Kungens Män Hårt Som Ben 7/ 10 Experimental rock from Sweden Kungens Män Hårt Som Ben is a prolific experimental band from Sweden releasing raw creative material which is largely if not entirely improvisation that is post-rock and shoegaze inspired.... Continue Reading →

OSees The 12″ Synth

OSees The 12" Synth 8/10 Unexpected Ambient synth and organ music Osees The 12" Synth was created on John Dwyer's Birthday, with LSD at a late night recording session of overdubs. That jam became a 40 minutes kosmisch on keys and... Continue Reading →

Dhidalah Threshold

Dhidalah Threshold 8 / 10 Heavy Space Rock From the Toyko Underground Dhidalah's album Threshold is psychedelic futuristic retro heavy acid rock. Dhidalah is underground Japanese experimental rock with Freak-out guitars, walls of fuzz, doom, echoing vocals and mind bending... Continue Reading →

L’Épée Diabolique

L'Épée Diabolique 8.5 / 10 Very cool, retro toned, international super group making psychedelic pop songs! L'Épée Diabolique is a rocking album with spaced out guitars male female vocals pop music with Marie Limiñana of The Limiñanas and Emmanuelle Seigner... Continue Reading →

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