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Kungens Män Hårt Som Ben

Kungens Män Hårt Som Ben 7/ 10 Experimental rock from Sweden Kungens Män Hårt Som Ben is a prolific experimental band from Sweden releasing raw creative material which is largely if not entirely improvisation that is post-rock and shoegaze inspired.... Continue Reading →

OSees The 12″ Synth

OSees The 12" Synth 8/10 Unexpected Ambient synth and organ music Osees The 12" Synth is the first all synth album from OSees (Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees, OSC, John Dywer). It slowly bubbles and builds improvisational across two sides... Continue Reading →

Dhidalah Threshold

Dhidalah Threshold 8 / 10 Heavy Space Rock From the Toyko Underground Dhidalah's album Threshold is psychedelic futuristic retro heavy acid rock. Dhidalah is underground Japanese experimental rock with Freak-out guitars, walls of fuzz, doom, echoing vocals and mind bending... Continue Reading →

L’Épée Diabolique

L'Épée Diabolique 8.5 / 10 Very cool, retro toned, international super group making psychedelic pop songs! L'Épée Diabolique is a rocking album with spaced out guitars male female vocals pop music with Marie Limiñana of The Limiñanas and Emmanuelle Seigner... Continue Reading →

Comacozer Mydrisis

8 / 10 Future underground classic spacerock saga. Comacozer Mydriasis is a heavy psych instrumental space rock band from Sydney, Australia. The fuzzed out guitar blasts off with cathartic guitar solos, the synth transmits frequencies from deep space, and the... Continue Reading →

Psychic Lemon Freak Mammal

Psychic Lemon Freak Mammal Psychic Lemon Freak Mammal is a space-rock odyssey with long compositions with dense guitar effects, synth, bass and live drums. These songs are like rockets ripping through the atmosphere. Freak Mammal is experimental new wave space-rock.... Continue Reading →

Moon Duo Stars Are The Light

Moon Duo Stars Are The Light 9 / 10 Upbeat electro dance psychedelic rock with impressive guitar and synth Moon Duo Stars Are The Light is another indispensable gem with awesome synth and incredible guitar lines and effects. The whole... Continue Reading →

Oh Sees Face Stabber

Oh Sees Face Stabber 9.5 / 10 Can't get enough Oh Sees Oh Sees Face Stabber is a mind blowing feast of weird psychedelic rock with in-your-face guitar tones burning holes in the speakers. Songs short and long with extended... Continue Reading →

The Orange Kyte Carousel

The Orange Kyte Carousel 7/10 Dreamy lo-fi garage rock with shoegaze and 90's vibes. The Orange Kyte Carousel is a lo-fi garage rock album with horns and music that will make you move. The first single off Carousel is the... Continue Reading →

Abronia The Whole Of Each Eye

Abronia The Whole Of Each Eye 7.5 / 10 Creative Ritualistic Rock for Witches and Warlocks Abronia The Whole Of Each Eye is a trippy gypsy-desert-rock experience with  female vocals and warpped instrumentation. The spacious arrangements have an array of... Continue Reading →

Allah Las LAHS

Allah Las LAHS 9 / 10 Technicolor retro California surf - rock with pop appeal! : )   Allah Las LAHS Allah Las LAHS is a sun bleached postcard with classic retro tones, satisfying layered arrangements, catchy vocals and dreamy... Continue Reading →

Tool Fear Inoculum

Tool Fear Inoculum 7.5/10 A true return to form with some great evolution in their sound. Tool Fear Inoculum is a highly inspired hard rock album with psychedelic progressive rock style which is already historically significant in several ways. The... Continue Reading →

Muun Bato

Muun Bato 8.5/10 Dreamy indie rock with psychedelic embellishment and strong songwriting.   Muun Bato's debut LP is outstanding with lush arrangements, impressive songwriting and deep sonic atmospheres. In the style of alternative dream pop with shoegaze, garage rock. The... Continue Reading →

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