This is my platform to share awesome music that is weird and off the beaten path. This music I like to call psychedelic.

What does psych rock mean? What are psychedelic sounds and how are those sounds made? Perhaps we all can get some insight into these questions as we explore artists past and present. Psychedelic is a term coined in the 1940’s which means “mind manifesting”, in other words, making the mind visible. 

In the early days of psychedelic music, drugs, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle all played an important role in the music. However, in contemporary times the history of rock and electronic music is so vast that one can tune-in to the music itself to understand the aesthetic and creative drive of the psychedelic movement. 

The artists explored here are all traversing lightly charted territory that they can claim as their own. For many fame and stadium tours are not a goal they strive for, although, I would not be surprised if it happened.

Ratings (full transparency):
I have no graphs or charts to quantify a truly scientific rating system, instead I simply decide based on how likely it is to inspire my own song writing and how often I will listen to it. There have been many albums which I would rate much higher after its had a chance to grow on me. Knowing the time and effort it takes to put out an album especially as a unknown, self-released and self-funded project is HARD WORK and I give respect to those courageous enough to pursue music. That said I like all the music on my blog which is so awesome because I don’t have to talk shit.

Temple Rose

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