Altin Gün Gece

8/10 Turkish Delight! #1 album for retro dance parties!

Atlin gÜn

Altin Gün Gece is the 1970’s psychedelic Turkish album you always wished existed with Middle East rhythms, retro rock fuzz guitars, electronic synth and beats. The sophomore album follows up on the 2018 Album ON and it will have you dancing. The music has upbeat energy and time signature defying rhythms. The vocal style is Turkish folk with plenty of reverb and strong vibrato. This album has both male and female lead vocalists on this album of mostly traditional Turkish music.

The band is Dutch and based in Amsterdam. Altin Gün was started by the Bassist Jasper Verhulst. Later Ben Rider joined on guitar, Jacco Gardner and Gino Groeneveld laying down very enjoyable percussion. Merve Dasdemir on vocals and keys and Daniel Smienk on drums. The band decided to travel to Turkey to gain inspiration for their new Turkish folk band playing traditional music and reinterpreted the songs for upbeat psychedelic Turkish rock dance party.

The blend of Traditional Turkish folk and Anatolian rock and vintage style psychedelic music from the 1960 and 1970s. The music is so infectious and interesting its hard to believe these are traditional songs. The synth and beats take the listener into the stratosphere and back. The sting instruments play in harmony with technical precision and unique modal key changes. The percussion is spectacular and the drums alone could keep an audience entertained.

Altin Gün Gece is a great album that has broad appeal for people across genres and across the globe. If they come to you town to play live you best be there to see one the most exciting Turkish standards act in psychedelic rock history to ever come from Amsterdam.

Altin Gün

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