King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Tour 2019 USA And Canada

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King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard blew everyone’s mind at the SVN West in San Francisco, California USA. Orb and Stonefeild Opened the show both bands were excellent with inspired live performances blending psychedelic rock with stoner-rock, heavy metal, and kruatrock.

Orb kicked it off but they came on early so I heard most the set standing in line outside the venue. I did catch a few songs at the end pumping out spacey krautrock with distorted guitars and driving bass.

Stonefield is an all female band and they were very impressive with the drummer on lead vocals. The band was great with synth, bass, drums and guitar. They were blending stoner rock in the vein of Sleep with pounding deep bass lines and infectious rhythm. The lead guitarist got the crowd lighting up cannabis as she played deeply psychedelic lead guitar with the perfect restraint creating echoing tension that was very satisfying.

King Gizzard took the stage and it must have been 95 degrees in the SVN West. An endless sea of people were geeking out to see this band. The audience was fairly young many of the people in the crowd had a unique twist on 90’s throwback fashion circa Stranger Things. The King Gizzard has always embraced this aesthetic and their young fans are following suit in wacky ways.

King Gizz opened up the show with “Planet B” the double bass drum and trashing palm muted guitars at 200 BMP or more. The crowd exploded in enthusiasm jumping crowd surfing, dancing and bouncing off one another. While Stu screams “There is no Planet B!” The wailing high pitch solos ripped and at times were double lead guitar the likes of which is rarely heard in the world today.

The set list was varied and honestly just weird but the kind of weird that is very lovable. The band seems to intentionally surprise the audience bouncing from heavy metal to microtonal rock, to lounge rock to jazzy folk into 1980s synth and back to heavy metal again. At times it was difficult to tell where one song started and another ended.  The crowd was with them every step of the way. The performance was super charged and the audience was over-the-top excited. At one point I thought, “This band is the Led Zeppelin of our time.”

The show was great fun and no one should sleep on this tour.

They did two night in San Francisco and each night was a unique set list with several songs repeated, see below. There is no knowing what songs they will play on any given night but we all know it will be amazing!

Set list Aug 16th 2019 Via Set List FM

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Set List August 15th 2019 Set List FM

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Nice videos from the first night August 15th 2019 at SVN West in San Francisco here:

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Kick Off Two Night Run @ SVN West in San Francisco [SETLIST/VIDEOS]

Blog by: Temple Rose

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