Night Beats Perform “The Sonics” Boom

8.5/10 and 9.5/10 for psychedelic cover songs catagory!

Night Beats Perform “The Sonics” Sonic Boom is a record store day exclusive, ltd. to 500 copies and it is a special treat. The Sonics of the Pacific Northwest USA are foundational for rock and punk music today. Sonic Boom was originally released in 1966 and shook the world with songs like “Louie Louie”. Night Beats parallels in that they are from the underground garage rock scene in the Northwest and  thrive on high energy rock and roll.

Night Beats

Night Beats pays homage to the album by playing the album in full. Danny Lee Blackwell takes the front on vocals and guitar interpreting Gerry Roslie’s legendary scream. Blackwell’s performance is impressive with a soulful retro R&B sound that can be subtle and heartfelt or screamed and forward rock. This album has much more guitar than the original and the horn section sits back in the mix. Night Beats second full-length was called Sonic Bloom no doubt a reference to The Sonics.

Night Beats has a changing line-up this time with Mike Brandon on drums, Nate Ryan on Bass, Julien O’neill on keys, Joe Santa on horns. The band is tight, and interprets the music in their own way while staying true to the energy and songwriting of the originals. The keys add groove to the tight rythem section and swaggering guitar and vocals.

Night Beats Sonic Boom

This album is an true hidden gem, I mean it, I can hardly find a picture of the album art online. There is no download, no CD, no cassette just a hush hush limited edition vinyl with little to no promotion.

For me this is more than a rare cover album it has great performances and Night Beats makes the songs their own. I never thought I would see Danny Lee Blackwell doing a cover gig but, shit, he did it with serious style and layed down top-notch vocal performances. The guitar playing is pro with Blackwell’s energized and dynamic playing style which will no doubt be talked about for years to come.

The previous Night Beats album Myth Of A Man was a collaboration with Dan Auerbach and that produced inspired songs with incredible production. Danny Lee Blackwell is ripe to do his own thing again and I personally can’t wait to see what comes next! Until then I am going to be twisting and shouting all night long!!


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