Tau Tau Tau Tau


“This overtly spiritual album is dripping with raw sounds which step into the heart of madness.”

Tau is a folk rock band with a heavy psychedelic sound complete with tribal chants and lysergic guitar leads. The story goes that Shaun Mulrooney from Berlin Germany, traveled through the deserts of The American Southwest. Along the way he gained insight into the mystical powers of the deserts and the traditional peoples who live and pray there and of course the local off the grid desert warriors. With this in mind he decided that he needed to make really trippy music. This band is certainly inspired by the linage of German experimental music like kraut rock with folk sounds, chants and tribal influences. The whole thing feels very raw and authentic the vocals and guitars are not perfect but it produces an amazing unique tone and feel. When listening to this album is like watching a movie; the music video for the song, “Mother” certainly sets up the cult like tone and the mystic imagery. The band has amazing artwork associated with their music which really enhances their appeal.


The open track “Mother” is a “traditional” Rainbow Gathering song but done with a heavy trippy dose. “Mother I feel you under my feet. Mother I can feel your heart beat” is repeated with a shamanic drum beat and hard strummed acoustic guitars against a fuzzed out electric guitar trailing through the background.  “The Bridge of Khajou” brings in Middle-Eastern violin like instruments and droning tones with chant like lyrics setting the trace deeper. “No Anam Gara” takes on a British psychedelic pop sound backed with echoing guitars, and a great texture of vocal harmonies. “The Midnight Jaguar” is a slower track which becomes filled with phased out guitars and organ borrowing from Indigenous American People’s music with a steady beat and chanting. ‘I See You’ reminds me of the obscure 1960’s commune band ‘Book of AM’ with an atmosphere of spiritualism and linking to a deeper experience of life and cult like insinuations. “I See You. I Feel You” is repeat again and again until the finish.


Side B

“Venadito” immediately dives into an underground tribal rhythm with simple keyboard melodies bringing back the Indigenous vocal chants. “Kauyumari” takes a rock sound with upbeat organs and surfy echoing guitars. “E’Spiral” has a fuzzed out guitar taking the listener on a journey guided by echoing and droning vocals repeating, “I am the dreamer.” “Jara” uses strange progressions layered vocal harmonies and a horn section for a jazzy tribal-delic song. It is difficult to distinguish where one track begins and another ends. The songs often have multiple sections and will being in one place and end in another taking the listener on an adventure.

‘Tau Tau Tau’ from The band, Tau on Fuzz Club Records has made its own place in the contemporary psychedelic rock scene the music is dripping with raw emotions  which steps into the heart of madness.




Tau Tau Tau


Side A


The Bridge of Khajou

Mo Anam Gara

The Midnight Jaguar

I See You


Side B






Tau is Shaun Mulrooney and Gerald Pasqualin

Released on Fuzz Club Records 2016








Article by: Temple Rose